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Advantages of Polyurethane Spray Foam Roofing


Itís Versatile - Polyurethane Foam can be applied to surfaces with irregular shapes and penetrations. Many applications can be made over the existing roof. This can eliminate the need for costly tear-off of the old roof.

It Stops Leaks and is Weather Resistant - Polyurethane foam forms monolithic, self-flashing surfaces which effectively seal against leaks. The foam can be sprayed with slope to drains, facilitating water removal.

It Adheres to Most Surfaces - A seamless layer of foam is fully adhered to the substrate - horizontal or vertical - and withstands high wind stress.

It Reduces and Simplifies Roof Maintenance - If damaged, caulking is sufficient for repair in most cases.

It Provides Superior Insulating Efficiency - It is the most efficient form of thermal insulation commercially available. This system usually pays for itself in 2 to 6 years in energy savings.

It Reduces building Movement - By placing the insulation on the outside, the foam system reduces building movement and thermal shock -- excellent for metal buildings.

It is lightweight - Complete polyurethane foam systems are typically many times lighter than tar and gravel roof systems, typically 1/3 less.

It is UL Listed - UL 790* and UL 723*. UL 790 roofing systems are listed Class A over non-combustible decks and Class B over combustible decks.

It is Asbestos and Formaldehyde Free.

It is A Proven Roofing and Insulation System - This roofing system has been applied successfully for over 25 years.